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You think you can shoot?

In this arcade shooting game , Grandpa's gonna teach you some real fancy shootin'! Three fantastic games. There ain't no better way to learn than the voice of experience, and Grandpa will give you an earful. Do your Darndest!

  • Arcade Action
  • target shooting
  • detailed character animations
  • Earn credits to buy power-ups
  • compete on the leaderboard
  • Rootin Tootin Hijinks


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Ipad Iphone Game Character

You're gonna' have to prove it!

You have to be quick as a hare and sharp eyed as an eagle if you want to make the grade. Target shootin' is a real test of your shootin' ability. Its like skeet shootin but with a whole lot more variety...... and grenades!

Target shooting arcade game
Alien Disks shooting game


Are they Aliens Are they Drones? We dont know but you better sort 'em out. Its a free for all bouncing and moving in all directions you better have a good aim. Shoot the wrong disk and you'll blow Grandpa and yourself to pieces! All against the clock too.

Granpa Gun



William Tell

Make Sure You Don't Miss!

There is more to shootin than just a good aim. Timing under pressure is what were testing here. Can you shoot straight when it counts? You're gonna find out!

Grandpa is really laying it all on the line. Can he trust your shooting skills?Willl it all end up in the emergency ward or the undertakers?

Its all up to you!


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